Cosmic Corsair

You are a space pirate.

Exit your ship, find the airlock for the other ship, pilfer enough loot and return to your bridge's green computer to escape.

Three heists should be enough for retirement.

Made for 7DRL 2023. For controls, check out the in-game Instructions screen.

This page hosts version v1.1 which based on feedback and watching some play testing has tweaked weapon room drops and some small adjustments to enemy stats / counts. Also, you can now see some loot accumulating in your ship at the start of levels. For 7drl reviewers, the previous version is for now playable here:


  • Try battling enemies one at a time, retreating to corridors if needed. Otherwise you can get easily overwhelmed.
  • Slower enemies can be kited along and picked off from a distance
  • To avoid getting stuck, if you are low on keys, only open locked doors when absolutely needed
  • Many room types have special walls/floor, learn them to know what to expect
  • Sometimes it's best to retreat / leave doors unopened
Updated 13 days ago
Published 20 days ago
Tags3D, Seven Day Roguelike Challenge, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Sci-fi, Space, Turn-based

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